Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the department and the roles of various departments

Statutory Meeting Of The Commission

The statutory meeting of the Commission takes place every forthnight. This meeting, which is called the Plenary Meeting, is an avenue to deliberate on issues pertaining to personnel/ service matters

Personnel Department

The Personnel Department has responsibilities for personnel administration of staff on GL. 07 and above in the whole Civil Service including matters relating to Promotion, Advancement, Discipline, Appeal /Petition, Career Progression recharting/ normalization etc. It also liaises with bodies outside the Commission such as the Office of the Head of Service as well as other Ministries, Departments and Agencies. The Department also takes care of the Commission’s General Administration

Planning, Research & Statistics Department

The Planning, Research & Statistics Department undertakes collection, analysis, storage and retrieval of statistical data for decision making. It also collates information for publication in the Annual Report of Activities of the Commission

Finance & Accounts Department

The Finance and Accounts Department handles financial transactions of the Commission. It ensures that all funds and other releases made to the Commission are processed through the Office of Accountant-General. It also sees to prompt payment of salaries and allowances of the personnel in the Commission

Recruitment Department

The Department of Recruitment plays a crucial role in the statutory function of the Commission. It undertakes recruitment into the service from time to time in accordance with the specific needs of the service. While the Commission recruits officers on GL.07 and above, recruitment of staff on GL01-06 has been statutorily delegated to Ministries, Agencies and Departments albeit with oversight role of the Commission. The Department also processes requests for inter cadre transfer/conversion for eligible serving civil servants